Noise nuisance

Noise nuisance is dealt with by your local council as an environmental health issue and is not generally a matter for the police. This includes problems such as loud music, dog barking, a noisy party, noisy neighbours and other similar issues. In all cases it is recommended that you keep an accurate diary of when the noise nuisance takes place, the nature of it and how it is affecting you.

Noise involving licenced premises MAY be a matter for the police. If your noise complaint relates to licenced premises, please contact 101 to report it.

Law and your environment

Law and your environment has more information about how to deal with noise nuisance.

Noise nuisance website also has a wealth of information that will help you to tackle noise complaints, including a noise app that you can download to help you record the noise nuisance.

Visit Report Something - Noise Nuisance to make a report to your local council.