Witness Care

Being a victim of crime is a distressing experience. The officer investigating your case (OIC) will offer support and updates on the progress of the case. If a suspect is charged with a criminal offence and due to attend court a witness care officer becomes involved. Witness Care aim to support people through this difficult time by providing a service which meets their needs. These pages are designed to give you information about the care you can expect from us, and provide links to information about partner organisations which may be of assistance or of interest to you.

A video guide by the Ministry of Justice entitled Going to court as a witness provides a series of short films which can guide you through the whole process.

No Witness, No Justice

Witness Care Units (WCUs) offer support on information for victims and witnesses, from charging or reporting a suspect with a crime to the end of the case. Your named witness care officer will be responsible for keeping you informed of the progress of the case, and supporting you.

The WCUs were set up as part of the No Witness, No Justice project, a joint police / CPS initiative that aims to ensure that witnesses are better informed, better prepared and better supported throughout any court proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions