Complaints and comments


If you have something to say about any aspect of our work, you can submit a form online to complain about the police or to pass on a comment. You may wish to raise your concerns directly with the officer or with their supervisor. Contact details for officers in most frontline departments can be found through our directory. For more information on the complaints process see Ask us something.

Complaints appeals

If you have made a complaint and at the end of the process you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you have a right of appeal. In most cases, your appeal will be dealt with by a senior police officer within the Professional Standards Department, although in some cases the appeal will be dealt with by the IPCC. You will be advised in writing at the end of the local resolution process who will deal with any appeal you wish to make.

Please ensure that you send your appeal to the organisation you were told would deal with your appeal in order to avoid delays.

Appeal to the IPCC or appeal to the local force