Property and animals

Lost property can be recorded online at Immobilise also provide a free service to register your valuables on their database. Items that are recovered by or handed in to police are checked on Immobilise. This helps us reunite property with owners more effectively. Alternatively dial 101 to contact your local property office.

If you are in Hertfordshire, there is an online property database available called Herts Reunited. Herts Reunited enables you to search the database yourself for property you may have lost, that may have been handed in to the police. It also allows you to report your lost property online or advise the police of any property you may have found.

Lost and found animals

The police are unable to deal with lost or found animals. Contact your local council for this service.

If you have found an animal that is blocking the highway, dial 101. If you believe it to be an emergency, dial 999.

You can register your lost or stolen dog free of charge at or call 0844 800 3220 and access their help page for advice.